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BOC Gases Ireland Ltd
Dublin - Boc Gases Ireland Ltd

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Dublin Co. Dublin

BOC - Ireland

BOC`s worldwide strength provided to you by our main local businesses. A world class, safe, and reliable service.

BOC is the one of the largest suppliers of industrial, medical and special gases in the whole country of Ireland.


In Ireland, BOC has been manufacturing atmospheric gases which includes oxygen, nitrogen and argon for well over 70 years now. Our huge and well earned portfolio today includes thousands of different gases and mixtures, along with many related bits of equipment and specialised services.


BOC is a member of The Linde Group which is an International organisation. These are a world leading gas and engineering company that has an impressive 50,000 employees working throughout 100 countries throughout the Globe.

Our Location - Dublin - Ireland



BOC Gases Ltd

BOC Gases Ireland Ltd

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BOC Gases Ireland Ltd
BOC Gases Ireland Ltd
BOC Gases Ireland Ltd

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